Pay Attention To The Grout To Catch Needed Repairs Quickly

13 February 2020
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Many homeowners choose tile to finish their homes for many reasons – durability, length of life, and ease of care, to name a few. If you have tile in your home but are unhappy with the way things are looking, it might be time to start talking with the grouting professional near you. Here, you'll find a short list of things to discuss with your grout professional to ensure that your grout remains in beautiful condition for years to come.

Cracked and Chipping Grout                  

Unfortunately, grout does crack and/or chip over the years. When this happens, the flooring can easily become permanently damaged. You see, that grout does more than just make things look pretty – it keeps moisture and dirt from making its way underneath the tile to the subflooring. If moisture gets under the tile, there's nothing to stop it from spreading under the surrounding tiles. This means an entire area of your flooring may need to be lifted, the subflooring replaced, and the tiles reinstalled and re-grouted.

Don't ignore the cracks and chips – your grouting professional can quickly and easily make this repair as long as you act before the small issue becomes a serious problem.

Stained Grout

Grout can stain – the porous nature of it causes it to absorb any moisture that settles on it. Even when a sealant is applied, things like red wine can soak into the material and stain. Rather than having the entire floor re-grouted, your grout professional can treat the stain or simply replace that bit of grout.

Mold Problems

If you've experienced mold growth in the grout in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room flooring, it might be time to discuss the possibility of opting for epoxy grout for those areas. Epoxy grout is similar to traditional grout in the sense that it seals the tiles together, but what makes it different is that it doesn't absorb moisture. This means, no matter how long water sits on the grout, it will not absorb into the material and give mold and mildew the moisture that it needs to grow and spread.

Tile can last a very long time in the family home, but you do have to pay attention to the grout. A grout-job well-done will last, but you must pay attention to signs that there are repairs that need to be made to prevent damage from occurring to the flooring around and underneath it. Contact a company like Archway Brick and Tile that offers floor grouting services if you notice any of these problems and need help with repairs.