Renovations That Will Add A Fresh Spin To Your Home's Pantry

7 January 2020
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Dark-tiled flooring, old cupboards, and minimal lighting may make your home's pantry seem like it is stuck in a time warp and more equipped to be inside of a primitive home that doesn't contain any modern appliances. If you are ready to install white cabinetry inside of the pantry, upgrading the flooring by replacing the tiling with light-colored hardwood floors will add a fresh spin to the storage area.

Choose The Flooring And A Threshold

Tan, grey, or off-white hardwood flooring will instantly lighten up the pantry and may add a country-esque aura to the space where you store most of your canned foods and spices. Choose hardwood flooring that has prominent grain marks or knots in the surface of each board to promote a rustic appearance.

Maybe you would like to offset the cabinetry with a few colors that are complementary. Choose a patterned flooring style that utilizes boards that are various shades of tan or grey, or select a wide range of distinct colors to create a random pattern. An inlay is a flooring accent that will make the new floor covering look unique. The strip that runs along the edge of the flooring is called a threshold. This piece is usually used to separate rooms in a residence. Pick a stone, wooden, or metal strip that will define the flooring.

To learn more about your options, reach out to hardwood flooring services.

Add Wooden Touches To A Counter or Walls

If you have leftover wooden planks, after the flooring is installed, some of the pieces can be used to accent a pantry countertop or the corner of each wall. Adding subtle wooden touches to other parts of the room will coordinate the setting of the storage area and amplify the impact that the flooring makes.

Hire a carpenter to assist you with measuring and cutting pieces of wood. Hardware should be used to secure all of the accents to the areas that you have selected. Wicker baskets or wooden crates are some additional items that will complement the new flooring.

Because you have chosen a light-colored floor, it won't be too difficult to distinguish when the flooring needs to be cleaned. If you want to preserve the cleanliness of the floor for as long as possible, lay a clear vinyl or rubber runner across the floor. Walk upon the runner whenever you are bringing new groceries inside of the pantry. Add a modern overhead lamp to the room to improve visibility.