Remove Scuff Marks From Ceramic Tiles And Provide Routine Care

11 October 2019
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The checkerboard tile flooring that you thought would add a touch of class to your study may have been a beautiful sight to see when you first had it installed. Now that the flooring has been present for several months, you may have noticed that black, unattractive scuff marks have stained some of the tiles. Any hard surface is susceptible to this type of staining, especially when items that contain a rubber surface are scraped or slid across the tiling.

How Can You Put A Halt To This Problem?

Before you address the marks that are already present, you may be curious as to how you can prevent more marks from appearing. If you wear footwear that has rubber soles or you tend to move furnishings around on occasion, these probably are the two main culprits that have been affecting the flooring's appearance.

Switching to slippers or soft-soled shoes that do not contain rubber bottoms can be helpful, and minimizing or eliminating the amount of times that furniture is moved will also prevent future staining. If you are going to move furniture, always use furniture moving pads to assist with gliding heavy items across the tiling. For occasions when you are wearing footwear that could potentially scuff the tiles, lay down a carpet runner across the section of the flooring that you will be walking on.

What Methods Will Remove Marks?

Although rubber is what probably led to the condition of the floors, it can also be used as the solution to the problem. A small pencil eraser or a rubber sponge can be used to remove scuff marks. Move either item across each stain, using firm hand strokes. Once the stains are removed, sweep up any eraser fragments that remain on the floor. Use a tile floor cleanser and a sponge mop to clean the flooring's surface.

How Should Flooring Be Maintained?

The ceramic tiles need to be swept regularly, and the entire floor should be thoroughly mopped every week or two. Avoid using products that contain wax or sealants, unless the flooring has previously been treated with either of these products. A wax or sealant will potentially trap dirt and hair, so the floor will need to be free of any debris in order to receive favorable results.

A vacuum cleaner hose can be used to assist with the dirt removal process. Secure a brush attachment to the hose and move the brush along the floor, in the same manner that you would move a standard vacuum cleaner.

Of course, for best results, hire a company that provides residential tile floor cleaning services.