Three Green Options to Get Your Floors Sparkling

21 October 2016
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If you have pets or children in your home, you know that they likely to lick, bite, and eat food and other items off the floor. Make sure they do not accidentally ingest harmful chemicals by opting for "green" cleaning options. Check out some of these alternatives to traditional chemical cleaning products that are sure to leave your floors shiny and clean.

1. Steam Cleaning

One alternative to using harsh chemicals is to steam clean your tile, laminate, or wood flooring. A high-quality steam cleaner leaves a thin film of moisture that evaporates almost immediately, leaving your floor dry within seconds. This makes steam cleaning a top choice for flooring that is not supposed to be submerged in water.

Steam cleaners do not require the use of chemicals. Instead, the steam cleaner heats the water so that it forms a low-moisture steam vapor. This vapor loosens dirt and grime, kills mold, and removes scuffs.

Before having your floors steam cleaned, make sure that they are not sensitive to heat. 

2. Scrubbing Floor-Cleaner Machine

If your floor has deep grout or just has a lot of old stains and build up, a scrubbing floor-cleaner machine is a smart option. Scrubbing floor-cleaner machines contain brushes that use physical force to clean your floors. Many homeowners have used a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the grout in their floors; the scrubbing floor-cleaner machine utilizes the same concept, but with much less work on your part.

Some scrubbing floor-cleaners incorporate a steam mechanism that uses steam to clean the floor. Other models require the use of cleaners; if the machine requires a floor cleaner, stick with options that are labeled as green alternatives.

3. Vinegar-Based Cleaners

If you prefer to mop your floors with a mop and cleaning solution, make your own solution to ensure it is safe for your pets and children to be around. Vinegar is a one popular ingredient for making your own floor cleaner. Not only does it effectively clean floors, but it helps tackle odors as well.

To make your vinegar-based cleaner, mix equal parts vinegar and water. If you intend to use the solution on hardwood floors, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to leave your floors lustrous once you are through cleaning. 

Some may not find the idea of making their own cleaners appealing; if that is true for you, look for commercially produced floor cleaner that uses vinegar as one of its main ingredients.

Get your floors looking like they are brand new with one of these green floor-cleaning techniques. When you are done, you will have gleaming floors that are safe for your children and four-legged friends to play on.

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