Tips for Purchasing Carpet Padding

15 October 2015
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The padding that you install underneath your carpeting is going to determine how comfortable your carpet is to walk on, as well as how much protection your carpet gets from the hard floor beneath the padding. Here are some tips for purchasing the right carpet padding for your needs.

1. Purchase a Carpet Pad That Has the Same Longevity as the Carpet Itself

First, check the lifetime of the carpet. Most carpet manufacturers will provide the customer with the number of years that the carpet is supposed to last if it is cared for properly and experiences a normal amount of foot traffic. Use this number to help you choose a carpet pad. You are going to need a carpet pad that has the same average longevity, because you don't want to get halfway through your carpet's lifetime only to have to replace its padding, a tedious process. If you think that you are going to be able to stretch a few extra years out of your carpeting, buy a carpet pad whose longevity reflects this.

2. Purchase a Density That Matches Your Level of Foot Traffic

More dense pads tend to do better in areas that have high levels of foot traffic because it is able to spring back against this foot traffic and keep the carpet from being ground into the floor. If you are choosing a pad for a room that does not have a lot of foot traffic, you might choose a lower density of between 3 and 5  pounds to save money. If you are putting the carpet pad in the room that acts as your main entrance to your home or in a living room, then you are going to want a thicker pad of between 6 and 10 pounds thick, depending on the number of people that you have in your house and how often they go through this main door.

3. Check the Thickness

Finally, the carpeting that you have purchased for your home is going to have a recommendation regarding the thickness of the pad that is needed for it in order to prevent wrinkling and last as long as it should. Most residential carpeting will require that a pad be about 7/16 inches thick. However, some carpets require more thickness or less. Check with the manufacturer of your carpet before choosing a pad. 

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