Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor: An Alternative To Replacing Your Entire Hardwood Flooring

12 October 2015
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Hardwood flooring can last for many years, and you can help make its quality last if you do not wear shoes when you walk on the floor. If you have a large family including small children, your flooring can take a beating over the years. The time will come when you have to consider refinishing the flooring because of scuffs and other wear and tear that occur over time. Instead of replacing the flooring, you can refinish it.

Hire A Professional To Handle The Job

Many people simply hire someone with experience to do the refinishing on their hardwood flooring. This helps to avoid mistakes that change the flooring quality. So when you hire an experienced flooring technician to do the refinishing, ask industry questions that gives you knowledge about what will happen during the process.

The Rebuffing Stage

Contractors assert that your installed hardwood flooring bears a protective coating topcoat, which gets scratched and damaged even though the actual wood underneath the coating is still intact. So expect the refinishing expert to buff and update the topcoat protective coating's sheen. Professional refinishing technicians refer to this as a screening that produces a new and clear finish coating.

Ensuring Flooring Thickness Before Sanding

The thickness of your wood flooring must be able to endure sanding, and that determination will be made by a professional estimator. However, experts say you shouldn't be concerned about that because natural hardwood flooring can withstand several sanding and refinishing jobs during its lifetime.

Sanding and Finishing

Don't be alarmed when you observe the refinishing contractor sanding down your flooring, which gives the appearance of bare wood. This is a natural practice in the industry. Your technician will explain that this procedure must take place in order for a stain to be applied on the wood. More than one finish coating will thereafter be applied.

Dust Collection

Be prepared to witness a fair amount of dust during the sanding stage, and you can ask the contractor ahead of time what can be done to lessen the amount of dust. Industry professionals suggest that technicians use vacuum bags between each coating process and take the initiative to cover areas that are not being sanded with plastic. Your contractor may choose to use a vacuum suction tube that empties the dust into an outside dust container, which some companies do.

When To Access Refinished Hardwood Floors

Wait for approximately 24 to 48 hours before walking on refinished flooring. It is also suggested that you wear socks only when walking on newly refinished flooring. As for furniture replacement, it is recommended that you do not attempt to place furniture on the refinished flooring for four days.