Installing Modular Carpet? Follow These Tips For Pristine Results

30 September 2015
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If you're looking for a low-cost, easy-to-install alternative to traditional carpeting, modular carpet is a great choice. This style of carpeting comes in individual squares, which stick to your floor with adhesive. Applying them is quite simple -- you just peel off the backing and stick them to the floor. If you want your results to look pristine and professional, follow these tips when applying the carpet squares.

Measure and plan your layout first.

If you just start laying down squares without measuring, you may find that when you get to the wall, you have to cut a very narrow strip of carpeting to fill in the remaining space. This looks messy, and it also puts your carpeting at a higher risk of peeling up. To avoid this, measure your floor's dimensions before you start the installation. Then, divide the floor's length and width by the width of your carpet squares. If the dimensions do not divide evenly, consider how many "extra" inches you have to fill. Add that measurement to the width of one of your carpet squares, and then divide by two to determine how wide to cut the squares along both sides of the room.

For example, if you will have an extra 7 inches to fill and your squares are 24 inches wide, you will need to cut the squares along the sides of the room to 15 1/2 inches to ensure an even fit. This will look a lot neater than just using a 7-inch strip along one side.

Thoroughly clean the floor first.

If your floor is not impeccably clean, then the carpet squares may not stick well. Before you start installation, vacuum the floor thoroughly. Then, wet mop it with a simple cleaning solution to remove any lingering traces of dust and dirt. Let it dry completely before you begin installing the carpet.

Be careful when cutting the carpet squares.

When you need to cut squares, do so with a carpet knife, rather than a utility knife. This will yield a much cleaner cut, as the carpet knife is designed to work its way through the dense carpet fibers without fraying and ripping them. Make several shallow passes, rather than one deep one, and always slice the carpet on a smooth surface to ensure more even results.

If you take the time to measure and plan your layout, clean the floor well, and cut your squares neatly, your modular carpet should look fresh and beautiful. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact McSwain Carpets and Floors or a similar firm.