Commercial Flooring: 5 Good Reasons To Choose Carpet For Your Office

29 September 2015
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One of the biggest debates in interior design is carpet vs. other flooring options, such as wood or tile. If you own a business, you probably think that tile is the best option for your office. However, carpet is just as good—if not better. If you're not convinced, here are five reasons to choose carpet for your office:

1. It Offers Less Noise

An office with tile or hardwood flooring can be very noisy. Chairs moving, people walking, and echoing from talking can all be very loud and noisy. However, carpet is quiet. You won't hear people walking about, chairs being moved, or echoing noises from other parts of the office because carpet absorbs the noise. It also makes an office space with multiple floors quiet, because it limits the amount of noise that transfers between floors.

2. It Provides Cushion

Another reason offices choose carpet flooring is that it provides cushion. It helps keep feet from tiring out, because it's not as hard. It also acts as a safety barrier for accidents, because it's harder to slip on. It's also softer to land on, so accidents aren't as severe.

3. It Offers Comfort

It's no secret that carpet offers more comfort than hardwood flooring or tile. That's why it's used in residential homes so often. If you want your office to be more comfortable, warm, and welcoming, carpet can help. It increases the warmth in the building by acting as an insulator, which helps to keep it cozy. It also makes the office look less sterile and uptight, which increases relaxation and might also help productivity—a win-win.

4. It's Affordable

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose carpet instead of tile or hardwood flooring is its price. Carpet is very affordable and maintains its cheap price throughout the years. It's easy to repair and replace. It's easy to clean and maintain. Even better, it's often eco-friendly. As an added bonus, carpet is easy to install. In fact, some carpet installation companies can install the carpeting on your existing floor without disrupting your business; meaning you won't have to shut down for days or weeks.

5. It Has Design Flexibility

Finally, carpet comes in an almost endless variety of styles, colors, materials, and patterns. No matter what type of look you're after, you can easily achieve it with carpet. Whether you want something simple or intricate, you can probably find it.

As you can see, carpet has several advantages for commercial—or business—applications. If you're interested in having carpet installed in your office, contact a carpet installation professional to learn more about what options are available.